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Are you ready to let go of stress and anxiety arising from confusing laws and uncertain tax obligations? Are you behind in your bookkeeping or want assistance getting started? With nearly a decade as a licensed CPA and over 15 years experience in bookkeeping and accounting, I provide accurate, honest, and outstanding service.

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Small Business & Personal Tax Preparation

I strive to alleviate tax-related worry and anxiety for small business owners and individual taxpayers. My comprehensive tax service goes beyond mere tax return preparation. I recommend effective tax planning strategies, helping you optimize your financial situation. Leveraging my expertise in navigating intricate and constantly evolving tax laws, I work to help you maximize savings while staying within the law.Collaborating with a professional greatly diminishes the risk of making costly tax errors. My proficiency and commitment to your financial success guarantee that you receive top-notch tax-related support and guidance.My services are available year-round, and I'm here to answer your questions or address your concerns.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Adjust the chart of accounts for your needs. Create bank "rules" to increase efficiency, set up sales tax, and create templates for recurring transactions such as activity from your POS and payroll.
Clean-up & Catch Up
Review books to identify and correct errors and discrepancies. Reconcile bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and payroll accounts. Efficiently and accurately record transactions to get your books and records up to date.
Training and Consulting
Teach you how to record common and complex transactions such as payroll, sales from your POS, owner draws, and transactions from services like Venmo or Paypal. I advise on proper classification of employees vs contract labor. Help you understanding your Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

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